1. We design and develop our products.

The entire range of products we offer is designed and developed by us.

2. We manufacture the parts and their components.

All product modules and components are manufactured by us. Thus we can offer individual, custom solutions that completely fit the specifics of your grain storage facility.

3. We assemble and test our systems.

Each grain bin temperature monitoring and control system is assembled by highly trained and experienced ITG specialists, who have been introduced to the specifics and requirements for your project.

4. We can do the installation and maintenance of your equipment.

As a manufacturer of the system, it is us who best know how to install it reliably in each grain storage facility, according to its type and specifics. We also provide 24/7 maintenance of our grain management systems – on-site, as well as remotely.

5. We remain at your disposal.

We are available for consultations, technical support and maintenance of the grain management systems, at any time.