The installation and commissioning of ITG grain silo temperature monitoring systems and grain aerators is accomplished by a highly qualified team, trained to work and react in conditions that are unique for every project.

The installation performed by the highly qualified team of ITG ensures:

Short timeframe for putting the equipment to work

Thorough training for the team that will operate the equipment

Secure and reliable operation

Installation stages

The successful installation requires that a detailed research on the project specifics and collection of required information has been made:

  • Scheme of the project – showing the position and numbering of the silos/warehouses so the numbering may be strictly observed depending on the project

  • Survey on the under-roof construction

  • Confirmation on the positions of the probes in the silo/warehouse

  • Definition of the architecture of the cable routes

  • Definition of the position and mounting of the control dashboards

The preparation stage includes:

  • Making a timeline and plan for the installation

  • Training before the installation

  • Preparation of the required equipment, instruments and supporting materials

The installation of the temperature control systems is a specific activity which requires that a set of project-defined requirements and conditions have been met. The terms of installation are part of the offer documentation of the company.

The already installed ITG grain silo temperature monitoring systems and grain aeration equipment can only be put to work after a thorough verification of all stages of the installation process and successfully performed tests of the equipment.