Infotech-Group Ltd /ITG/ has been founded in 1997 in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. The key focus of the company’s activities was in the sphere of information technologies and particularly, in their industrial application.

Since 1999 the company has been focusing its efforts in the implementation and manufacturing of control systems for crop protection during its storage in silos and warehouses. Throughout the years, ITG is following an independent and flexible policy of its own.

The System for grain bin temperature monitoring and automated fan control has been implemented in 2000, and quickly secured a solid market share, being an excellent, low cost and highly efficient decision.


The full range of ITG grain risk management equipment is manufactured and tested in modern production facilities, fully equipped with our own machines.

ITG has a manufacturing base of 650 sq.m including: metal workshop, ropemaking workshop, extruder line, electronics department, assembling workshop and software department


Thanks to the closed cycle and own know-how, the company is constantly innovating their systems, expanding their functionalities and bringing up new solutions and improvements for efficient crop protection.


In 2003 for the first time ITG presented its products abroad and signed a contract for supplying of equipment in Turkey.

2011 marked the start of the very successful expansion of the company on the international markets, with a number of representative offices set up.
Nowadays, ITG is a well-known brand on a world-wide scale. ITG equipment has been installed in more than 1100 grain storage facilities, in more than 60 countries in Europe and Asia.

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More than 1100 grain storage facilities successfully reduce the risk with ITG temperature control solutions.