The grain bin temperature monitoring system, developed by ITG is a system designed for silos and warehouses that allows for constant measurement and reporting of the temperature of the grain during its storage.

The monitoring and analytics of the reported data allows to take measures against potentially occurring issues such as rottenness, development of fungi or insects, etc. The ultimate goal is to preserve the grain quality throughout the entire storage period.




grain bin temperature monitoring system

The grain bin temperature monitoring system consists of the following modular components:

  • Network electronics (Switch Box)
  • Cable routing
  • Temperature monitoring panel
  • Specialized software program for monitoring and data storage (InfoNav)

  • Cloud platform for visualization, monitoring and data storage (ITG Cloud)

  • GATEWAY software – local installation of ITG Cloud

  • Component for automated aeration control in the warehouses or silos

  • Weather Station

  • Indoor temperature and humidity sensor.

  • Safety Barriers

  • Safeguard electronics
  • Installation components for the probes

    • For outer installation
    • For inner installation
    • Access hatches
    • Fitting elements
    • For flat warehouses